About Kristin Kinkel

An Alumna of Hawaii Pacific University, Kristin Kinkel earned a BA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Graduating in 1999, she went on to serve as an instructor at ESL Master in Honolulu, where she taught English to Japanese students on exchange in Hawaii. Moving back to her native Oregon in 2001, Kristin Kinkel served as a bilingual educational assistant for the Hillsboro School District. There, she was responsible for aiding teachers in the instruction of English and Spanish literacy.

Outside of her professional life, Ms. Kinkel enjoys tennis, sailing, hiking, and skiing. A former professional cheerleader, she continues to maintain an active lifestyle.

Concurrent to her work as an educator, she worked as a professional cheerleader on the Portland Blazers Stunt Team, as well as a judge and head instructor at Varsity Spirit Corporation. This afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively throughout America and the world.