Tips for Backpacking Through Europe


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Backpacking Through Europe

Kristin Kinkel attended Hawaii Pacific University on a full cheerleading scholarship, graduating in 1999. She continued cheerleading professionally after college, which enabled her to travel extensively throughout the United States. Kristin Kinkel is an avid traveler who backpacked through Europe for six months at the age of 22. The following are some tips to to keep in mind when on a backpacking trip throughout Europe:

1. The season you decide to travel should have a bearing on where in Europe you will backpack. During peak travel season in the summer, traveling in Eastern Europe along the Balkan coast is the most affordable. During the fall, venturing through the Mediterranean will be less expensive than doing so in the summer and will also be more peaceful. In the spring time, northern locations, including Scandinavia and the Netherlands, offer the most affordability and longer days to enjoy cool temperatures.

2. Traveling through Europe by train will likely give travelers the best cultural experience. The Interrail Global pass or Eurail pass will allow tourists to visit most countries in a given area. Additionally, traveling long distances on trains at night can save on lodging costs.

3. Hostels are affordable places to stay in the most expensive locations in Europe. However, homestays are serve as a great way to experience the culture firsthand and are often more affordable than hostels. Camping is also a budget-friendly option.