Pink Martini’s Ninth Studio Album Je Dis Oui!


Je Dis Oui! pic

Je Dis Oui!

A member of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society while a student at Hawaii Pacific University, Kristin Kinkel is a former ESL teacher and cheerleading instructor. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Kristin Kinkel enjoys listening to her favorite musical ensemble, Pink Martini.

A collection of 12 musicians, Pink Martini is an eclectic jazz and classical group created by Thomas Lauderdale. A one-time aspiring politician, Lauderdale created the group in response to the minimalist music often performed at political fundraisers. Although founded in Portland, Oregon, the group has written and performed songs in Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, and French, among other languages. In fact, the group’s first-ever song, Sympathique, earned a nomination for Song of the Year at France’s Victoires de la Musique awards.

The name of the group’s recent album, Je dis oui!, translates to “I say yes” in English. Released in 2016 by Heinz Records, the 15-track album includes songs in all of the aforementioned languages and features guest vocalists Rufus Wainwright and Ari Shapiro. Je dis oui! includes a mix of original and cover songs and, according to Lauderdale, is the group’s most cheerful album to date.


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