Chile’s Largest Man-Made Pool


San Alfonso del Mar pic

San Alfonso del Mar

An alumna of Hawaii Pacific University, Kristin Kinkel has previously served as head instructor and judge at Varsity Spirit Corporation where she organized clinics and workshops for high school and college cheerleading teams. During her time as a professional cheerleader, Kristin Kinkel traveled extensively and visited countries around the globe, including Chile.

Located along the southern portion of the west coast of South America, Chile leads Latin American nations in terms of economic freedom, human development, and income per capita, among others. Perhaps most famous for its geography and its natural landscapes, Chile is also home to impressive feats of human engineering, such as San Alfonso del Mar.

Located in the city of Algarrobo, San Alfonso del Mar is regarded as the world’s second largest pool by Guinness World Records. Opened in 2006, the private pool measures 1,013 meters long and covers eight hectares of land. Because of its immense size, visitors can sail and paddle through the pool instead of just swim.

The pool contains around 250 million liters of seawater drawn from the Pacific Ocean. Through a computer-commanded system, the water receives both filtration and treatment.

San Alfonso del Mar held the title as the largest pool in the world for nine years. In 2015, the record was broken when the 30-acre CityStars pool opened in Egypt.