Pink Martini – Inspirational Political Music Heard around the World

Pink Martini pic

Pink Martini

Former educator Kristin Kinkel taught English to ESL (English as a Second Language) and bilingual students. Outside of her interest in the merits of bilingual education, Kristin Kinkel is an enthusiastic fan of the orchestral band Pink Martini.

Pink Martini came about as a result of founder Thomas Lauderdale’s political ambitions. The Portland, Oregon, native dreamed of running for mayor one day and began attending political events throughout the city.

Underwhelmed by the live music at these events, Lauderdale established a miniature orchestra for the events in 1994. He soon connected with Harvard classmate China Forbes, and the duo began a fruitful songwriting relationship. They attained international success with their song Sympathique, an anthem for the striking labor force in France.

In the decades since, Pink Martini’s lively orchestral music has resonated with people throughout the world. The music has reached the top of pop charts in Japan and continues to inspire workers of the world, especially in France. Lauderdale never did run for political office, but Pink Martini’s music has allowed him to spread a message of inclusivity and positivity throughout the world.