Money Tips for Visitors to Taiwan

Taiwan pic


A graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, Kristin Kinkel has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and served as a bilingual education assistant. Throughout her life, Kristin Kinkel has traveled extensively and visited many countries around the world, including the island nation of Taiwan.

Travelers to Taiwan must obtain the local currency, called the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) because the Taiwanese people will not accept any type of foreign currency. Travelers can exchange their money at the airport, but they will get a better rate if they visit a local bank.

When exploring Taiwan, tourists do not need to tip for services. In fact, tipping may even offend those rendering the service. Before leaving Taiwan, visitors should exchange any remaining TWD unless they want to keep the bills as souvenirs. Exchanging the currency after leaving the country will be much more difficult because few banks will accept TWD.